2023 Pledge Drive

October 2, 2022

Dear Grace Church Member,

Did you know that our 150th anniversary is in 3 years? Established in 1876, Grace has been a place of vibrant preaching, teaching, and outreach. It has served as an example of God’s grace even in the midst of challenging times. It has loved boldly and welcomed abundantly. One thing is certain - such a legacy is not built upon fear but on possibility.

I love the encouraging words…Do Not Be Afraid. These words are a hallmark of our faith and a measure of our trust in Christ, especially in times such as these. They move us beyond adversity and ground us in possibility. We have lived through a long period of fear and uncertainty. We have gotten accustomed to not being engaged with the things we once valued. We have all missed out on so much.

What would it mean to re-engage fearlessly as a community of faith?

What would it mean to move into a time of abundant possibility?

As we look toward the possibilities of our future, you will hear more about three foundational areas of ministry: Worship, Education, and Care. These are the building blocks that ensure a thriving congregation by:

  • Encouraging people to grow in faith
  • Building dedicated and active leadership
  • Creating outreach opportunities that serve our growing community

Worship, Education, and Care are essential to the future of our church, especially as we approach our 150th anniversary. Become a part of what is possible! Commit to serving with your time. Commit to giving financially. Together, let us ensure the future of Grace and
continue the faithful legacy of Christ’s love in Goochland.

If you haven’t already done so, commit to participating in one of our foundational ministries included with this letter. And, please make your annual pledge for 2023 by filling out the enclosed pledge card. I am so grateful for your continued dedication to Grace Church.

In Christ’s Name,

The Rev. Emily Dunevant